North Georgia Pass It On! Series

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The 2017 Champions are:
Kevin Franklin and Blake Cobb

2018 Schedule is Ready
 Please email Rusty Logan with concerns:  [email protected]
2018 Points (under revision)
please email R Logan with any complaints
BOAT CAPTAIN      Co-Anlger                     Points
Eli Wishon                  Heath Stover
Jack Harper                John Gaines
Mark Ramey            
Kevin Franklin         
Weyman Ledford        Bailey Ledford
Mark Raper               
Jody Griggs                Caleb Waddell
Chance Nelson           
Rusty Logan               Samuel Logan

Union County 

Fishing Club

Coach - Paul Ramirez

Welcome to the
"Pass It On!" 
Fishing Series 

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1. You have the chance to Pass On your fishing passion and expertise!

2. You are funding teen tournament fishing and helping to Pass It On!

3. You are promoting the joining of multiple communities (Fannin and Gilmer with ) with a common goal-- helping kids learn patience, determination, problem solving, and sportsmanship.

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Among all anglers, ages 13-18 makes up the smallest percentage. As a society, we are not gifting our fishing heritage to the next generation!


Big Thanks to  

Ledford Stone Masonry

Colwell Concrete

Brook Laine Properties,LLC

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Solar Bat Sunglasses

Dave's Lures



Tri-State Tackle

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